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Nemo Is In the House January 15, 2010

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Baby recently celebrated a birthday. We decided to get her a Nemo themed cake since we couldnt’ get Minnie Mouse. Actually, it probably turned out better since Baby likes Nemo and one of her favorite field trips is the Aquarium. Here’s the cake. Both Baby and Princess love the little squirt toys on top of the cake.

As it turns out, she got a late Christmas gift that was ocean themed too. It was a Crayola Activity Kit called Undersea Adventures. It’s like a game with an interactive DVD and 3 coloring books and 3 packs of crayons. I’ve never seen it before but it came in handy since Princess decided that she likes that present too.

That same friend gifted Baby with a Nemo Activity Kit from a recent trip to Disneyland. Baby was so excited that she opened it as soon as she got home from visiting with her friend. She has asked me everyday to use that kit. By the way, so has Princess!


3 Responses to “Nemo Is In the House”

  1. 1LuvnMama Says:

    Nemo? That’s a cute cake. Please wish Baby a Happy Belated Birthday from us! Been so busy . . . we didn’t even get to call! Luv u Baby!

    Saw Sharon today at Costco . . . she’s luvs the pillows! 🙂 More sewing on the horizon? Come join me in some paper crafts! 🙂

  2. Daisey Says:

    Happy Birthday to your little girl! My daughter loves minnie mouse too. She is starting to like Diego now as well. Love the coloring books and cute cake.

  3. middleagedmom Says:

    Thanks for the birthday wish Daisey! Baby likes Dora a little more than Diego…I’m not sure why?

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