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Playing the Sick Card February 3, 2010

Filed under: children,family,preschool — middleagedmom @ 2:06 pm

Here is a recent conversation with Princess.

Princess: Mommy, tomorrow is Tuesday?

Me: Yes, tomorrow is Tuesday.

Princess: Tuesday is a holiday?

Me: No, Tuesday is not a holiday. You have school on Tuesday.

Princess: I think  I’m getting sick.


2 Responses to “Playing the Sick Card”

  1. 1LuvnMama Says:

    oh my, they start young don’t they! 🙂 how have you been? feel a bit outta touch . . . let’s catch up soon!

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    Yes, they start so young. I can’t believe she even would think of it but they are so clever.

    Yes, we need to catch up soon. Can’t wait to hear about the wedding.

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