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More Sewing – Crayon Roll March 17, 2010

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I recently tried my hand at crayon rolls. There are a ton of tutorials out there. I looked at tutorials from Skip To My Lou and Chocolate On Your Cranium. I decided to go with the tutorial from Skip To My Lou.

Here is the practice one that I made. It was pretty easy. I had a little trouble with the fabric shifting a little while sewing. I think I didn’t use enough pins. It was also a little touch to top stitch since the fabric as so thick, esp. in the corners. Yes, I did clip my corners.  I just sewed really slowly and used my hand crank. (Is that what it’s called? That wheel that’s on the side of your sewing maching?)

Here is the next one I made. It was for a birthday gift.  I know…I know…my sewing was a little crooked on the right hand edge.

Here it is filled with crayons. I’m loving it. It’s pretty fun to make.

Here is the crayon roll all tied up.  I think I’ll make the ribbon a little longer. I’ve seen some crayon rolls with elastic and button closures. I’ve also seen some variations with velcro. I kind of  like the velcro closure for children to open and close it independently.

I used an 8 pack of crayons for my crayon roll. Most tutorials use 16 packs. But for little ones I felt like 8 was enough. My Baby is always losing her crayons so I thought sticking to less means less to handle for them and less to find for us parents.

The crayon roll went with a little drawing pad and some other goodies as part of a birthday present for Baby’s BFF.

I have a bunch more crayon rolls to make. The other one I made I used ric rac on the edge. That wasn’t quite as easy. I’ll post those pics later. Other than that, it’s a pretty simple and fun sewing project.

I’m off now since I hear Baby fussing in her crib…calling “Mommy down!”


Late 2010 Valentine Post March 16, 2010

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Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. Again, life has caught up with me.

Here are some pictures from Valentine’s Day. Princess took Rice Krispie treats to school for her friends. The teachers got Cake Sandwich Cookies with cream cheese filling.

I colored the marshmallows with red food coloring. One batch a really pale pink and the other batch a darker pink.

Each child’s bag contained 1 light  pink heart and 1 darker pink heart and a sticker.

Here are the teacher’s treats. I’ve made these before. The recipe is from Bakerella.


Being Silly March 3, 2010

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The girls received these cute little stickers at a recent birthday party.

So we decided to have some fun. Baby enjoyed making “faces” with the stickers.


I also wanted to share some goodies that my cousin got me from Trader Joes. You know how much I enjoy the gingerbread latte from Starbucks. 

 I got this from her. 🙂

 The gingerbread cocoa was a delicious.


My Car March 2, 2010

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I really like my car.

I have a van.

Sadly, my car is out of commission. It’s in the service department getting reparied. A  couple of months ago, during a service appointment, we found out that there was a leak from somewhere. Since the van is still under warranty, we definitely wanted it fixed. We took it in for a repair appointment about a month ago. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the leak so we were asked to make another appointment because they needed to remove the whole trasmission to find the leak.

Translation – It will take more than 1 day to repair your van.

Today I receive a phone call from the service department informing me that the car will be in repair for at least 1 more day. What’s taking so long? Well, they did find the leak.

Now, it’s just the warranty that’s the problem. Well, it’s the warranty department that is. We have to wait and see if the warranty department will cover a new transmission or if we are only allowed to get a refurbished/rebuilt transmission.

Okay, am I the only one wondering what the problem is with that?

We purchased the van a mere 6 months ago. Now, there’s a leak that requires us to get another transmission. The problem was NOT caused by us.

Hmmm….shouldn’t we be able to get a NEW transmission?

Frankly, I can’t even believe there’s a questions as to whether the warranty covers a new transmission. I mean really, why do they even offer warranties? It’s almost a joke!

Wondering what company I’m talking about?  Take a guess.

P.S. I’ll let you know after we find out if we qualify for a new transmission or not. I may have more to say.