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Mini Toddler Bento August 19, 2009

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Today I used my mini musubi (rice ball) maker from Daiso. It’s the cutest thing. I wish I had some pre-cut nori (seaweed) strips to put on my musubi. I decided to add some furikake to the rice to season it. I used brown rice instead of white.


mini musubi1


mini musubi2


Here’s the mini toddler bento that I made for Baby’s lunch today. We had a playdate and I wanted her to eat before we left just in case she fell asleep on the way home.


mini toddler bento


Besides the mini musubi, I have some lemon herb chicken (from Whole Foods Meat Counter) blueberries and grapes. My bento is kind of lacking in color. I wish I had some lettuce. I think it also needs some orange. I forgot that I had a mango in my refrigerator. I know it’s blurry but the little picks are animal shapes. The yellow one is a snake and the blue one is a seahorse.

I used the safe handling tips from Lunch in a Box. I cooked the rice in the morning so I made the musubi when it was warm then let them come to room temperature before packing. The chicken was leftover from last night so I reheated it then let it come back to room temperature before packing in the foil food cup.

Baby ate most of the lunch but she didn’t want the grapes or blueberries so I ate that. Yes, she is a little on the picky side.


So I’m Overprotective August 12, 2009

Last night I was stressed out about Princess’s upcoming field trip (today).


I guess it’s because I’m an overprotective mother. No, it’s confirmed. I am overprotective. Mr. MaD confirmed it last night and today my cousin confirmed it when I talked to her about it.

Initially, I wasn’t going to allow Princess to go on this field trip. So we only decided last night to let her go after she mentioned that she wanted to go to school tomorrow and wear her school shirt. Her preschool class was going to see the Disney movie G-Force. It was partly a celebration since today would be the last day for one of her teacher’s aides. I wasn’t sure if it made sense to allow her to see this movie since it seemed to be geared for older children. I only saw part of the trailer and it’s about some guinea pigs who are secret agents. I didn’t think that Princess would understand the plot of the story so I didn’t really want to shell out the $8 for the movie.  Just to be sure I showed Princess the movie trailer and she said she wanted to see the movie.

Another reason why I didn’t want her to attend was because she is still potty training and she is deathly afraid of “grown-up” toilets. At home, she uses a potty training seat. Just last week she rushed to sit on the toilet and she fell right in! Yes, her bottom was soaking wet. She had a look of horror on her face that I will not forget.

Also, we (the parents) were instructed to pack a brown bag lunch that could be disposed of when done. Okay so maybe I’m a little paranoid about food poisoning, but I didn’t really want to pack a lunch without an ice pack. After reading some safe food packing tips for bento on Lunch in a Box, I was more concerned. I knew I wouldn’t really be able to pack a bento since I didn’t really have any disposable “bento” containers and I didn’t really have any appropriate leftovers. So what did I do? I packed her lunch in zip top bags and a plastic grocery bag then I put it in a cooler with an ice pack. I told Mr. MaD to tell the teacher to take her lunch out of the ice chest before they leave for the field trip.

I even decided to send Mr. MaD to school with a list of concerns (2) and a list of questions about the field trip (2).

At that point, Mr. MaD confirmed that I was overprotective. He said that I need to let her go and I need to relax. Relax? How can I relax when it comes to my daughter…my first baby, my Princess?!

After all the hype about the field trip, Mr. MaD called me this morning to tell me that the field trip had to be cancelled because of the weather. Whew, for now!  He told me that the field trip was rescheduled for next week.

I wonder if I can attribute my overprotectiveness to being middleaged? Good excuse, huh?

Overprotective Mothers Anonymous here I come!


Daiso Stuff July 3, 2009

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I just got some bento stuff from Daiso. I think my favorite is the mini fork and spoon set. It’s just the cutest thing!

daiso mini fork&spoon

Here are 2 small bento boxes I got. I thought they’d be good for some small snacks for the girls, esp. fruit.

daiso fruit bento box

Here are some other things that I got. Oh, aren’t those mini musubi molds so cute for little hands.

daiso mini musubi

daiso animal picksdaiso aquatic picks


Looking for Lock & Lock October 8, 2008

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Just a quick post regarding Lock & Lock products.

Some people have been emailing me asking me where to find Lock & Lock products, esp. the bento sets. Well, unfortunately, those bento sets are very difficult to find. You can try looking online. You can also try checking out any Asian stores in your area, specifically Japanese or Korean grocery stores. Since the original Lock & Lock is made in Korea by Hanacobi, you can usually find them in Korean stores. The Lock & Lock products that I have are made in Korea.  I heard that those made in Korea are better than the others but I don’t really know for sure. I know that QVC now carries a lot of Lock & Lock products. They don’t have the bento sets of course, but they do have a lunch box set that has a little cooler with the containers.  I’m not sure where the QVC Lock & Lock is made. You’d have to check on that.

Well, those are my suggestions. I hope you find the Lock & Lock products that you’re looking for. I really enjoy using my Lock & Lock containers.


Happy New Year! It’s 2008! January 3, 2008

Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope 2008 brings you great joy and blessings!

Update on Lock & Lock bento sets – for those who are interested, I’m sad to say that I’m officially all out of my Lock & Lock bento sets. My last orange bento set will be mailed out sometime this weekend.  If I happen upon any more Lock & Lock bento sets, I will be sure to post about it.  I know how hard it is to get them!

Update on pregnancy – well, the time is soon approaching for my 2nd child. We’ve been feverishly preparing the house for the arrival of baby. I guess you could say it’s “nesting” but I was so busy with the holidays that baby’s arrival seems to have just snuck up on us. We’ve been trying to prepare Princess by talking about baby and letting her feel my belly but she is not interested. We even read her a book about being a big sister. I think she enjoys being the center of attention…I guess who wouldn’t! It looks like I may end up having another c-section since the estimated weight of baby is a little over 8 lbs…whew!

Update on gestational diabetes – my blood sugar numbers have been pretty good since I started on this meal plan. I’ve had a few high numbers but most of the time I’m within the safe range. If I didn’t mention it before, my fasting blood sugar range is 70-90 (that’s the first one in the morning), then after every meal my range should be 90-120. I think the highest after meal reading I had was something like 135. Surprisingly, I had pretty good readings after my holiday meals. Yes, I did have a sugary treat like dessert but I only had a very small portion. I also only had small portions of starch with my meals. I still crave sweets…today I was telling Mr. MaD that I felt like eating a glazed doughnut and not just 1, more like 2. Of course, I didn’t but I still crave sweets. I think once baby is born I’ll have a little more leeway to eat some sweets on a limited basis. I know that I have to take another 1 hour fasting glucose test about 6 weeks after baby is born. I hope those numbers are good.  After baby is born I know they also test baby to check the blood sugar levels of baby so I hope all is well with that.

Well, I hope to post a few more times before baby’s arrival but who knows if I’ll have time. I’m still working on baby announcements and baby’s scrapbook. I hope to post my 2007 Christmas card very soon.

Happy New Year! By the way, I haven’t made any New Year’s Resolutions…I think I have too much to think about and worry about already. If you do, I wish you all the best!


Update – glucose test bummer November 7, 2007

I got the results of my glucose test….bummer! I didn’t pass. Apparently, the reference range is 79-139 and my number came back as 144. Ugh! Now I have to take the 3 hour glucose test. For that test you have to fast for 12 hours then you take a blood test first thing. Then you drink 2 bottles of that very very sweet drink. Then you take, if I’m not mistaken, 3 more blood tests at each hour. Believe me, I am NOT looking forward to this. When I was pregnant with Princess, I also failed the first 1 hour glucose test. My number was 148 but when I took the 3 hour test I passed. So I’m hoping that’s what happens this time.

I’ve been eating so much “junk” since we’ve been so busy with parties, etc. We just went to a Harvest Fest at my cousin’s church this weekend. I also attended a baby shower and ate ice cream and a cupcake. This weekend we are planning to go to another Fun Fair and I’m going to a baby shower that my friends are hosting for me (my friends are so nice).

In preparation, I have decided (as was suggested to me) to cut out/down most of my sugar intake and my carbs. Not entirely, but I’m resisting chocolate cake, cookie, and candies. Oh…and juice. So, besides water, my drinks are now diet soda and crystal light. Yes, I am having sugar withdrawls! So hopefully in the next two weeks I’ll get my glucose levels in order so that when I take my 3 hour test I will pass.

On a more pleasant note, I sold 1 blue Lock & Lock bento set. I do have 1 more left. I also have an orange Lock & Lock bento set if anyone is interested. If no one emails me with interest, I will put it up on ebay.