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Time flies…Life changes! October 18, 2010

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Wow…the last time I posted was back in May?

It’s been 5 months since I last stopped here. I have been reading some blogs here and there along the way but haven’t had the time or energy to post.

So here’s a quick update on what’s new:

  • My two girls are now in school.
  • I’m no longer at SAHM.
  • I work part-time until January when I go back to work full-time.
  • My oldest daughter was recently diagnosed with autism.

I thought I was busy before but I am really busy now. I find myself constantly seeking time to myself…wanting to sew or scrapbook, or even watch a favorite TV show from time to time. Instead, my life is filled with taking care of the girls, taking care of the house, work, researching autism on the internet. Oh, and did I mention being an advocate for my daughter since she is now receiving Special Education services in Kindergarten.

I have a lot to share but it will have to wait.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of October! I’m planning for some sewing projects.  Now I need to find the time to sew!

Be back soon!


Adventures in Sewing May 13, 2010

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Okay, so here are a couple of other things that I sewed recently.  

I tried my hand at an apron. Not too easy. I used a dishtowel apron tutorial from Obsessively Stitching but made a few changes. The first dishtowel that I tried to use was stretching so much that I scratched that project. I tried with another towel and it came out a lot better. I think next time I’ll use seam binding for the sides.

The dishtowels were from Wal-Mart. I’d like to try this again with a couple of modifications. Overall, I thought it was really cute.

I also tried my hand at the friendship bag. The tutorial is from p.s. i quilt. I love this adorable bag and it’s just the right size for a toddler. I want to make more but it is a little time consuming. I hope to make it bigger so that I can use it as a snack bag. I’m showing it next to my daughter’s Hello Kitty shovel so that you can see how tiny this bag really is.

I hope to do more sewing soon. I just need to find more time. I would love to learn how to make my own quilt but that’s for another day.

Happy Sewing!


More Sewing – Crayon Roll March 17, 2010

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I recently tried my hand at crayon rolls. There are a ton of tutorials out there. I looked at tutorials from Skip To My Lou and Chocolate On Your Cranium. I decided to go with the tutorial from Skip To My Lou.

Here is the practice one that I made. It was pretty easy. I had a little trouble with the fabric shifting a little while sewing. I think I didn’t use enough pins. It was also a little touch to top stitch since the fabric as so thick, esp. in the corners. Yes, I did clip my corners.  I just sewed really slowly and used my hand crank. (Is that what it’s called? That wheel that’s on the side of your sewing maching?)

Here is the next one I made. It was for a birthday gift.  I know…I know…my sewing was a little crooked on the right hand edge.

Here it is filled with crayons. I’m loving it. It’s pretty fun to make.

Here is the crayon roll all tied up.  I think I’ll make the ribbon a little longer. I’ve seen some crayon rolls with elastic and button closures. I’ve also seen some variations with velcro. I kind of  like the velcro closure for children to open and close it independently.

I used an 8 pack of crayons for my crayon roll. Most tutorials use 16 packs. But for little ones I felt like 8 was enough. My Baby is always losing her crayons so I thought sticking to less means less to handle for them and less to find for us parents.

The crayon roll went with a little drawing pad and some other goodies as part of a birthday present for Baby’s BFF.

I have a bunch more crayon rolls to make. The other one I made I used ric rac on the edge. That wasn’t quite as easy. I’ll post those pics later. Other than that, it’s a pretty simple and fun sewing project.

I’m off now since I hear Baby fussing in her crib…calling “Mommy down!”