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Facebook…to friend or not to friend? November 2, 2009

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One of the biggest dilemmas for me when it comes to Facebook is whether to add a “friend” or not.

Recently, I received a friend request and I’ve been wondering if I should accept it or not.

The funny thing about social media…it’s really all about being sociable. Sometimes it means being sociable even with those who you don’t necessarily choose to be social with IRL. Twitter is a perfect example of this. Since you only share snippets of information at any one time, it’s still not really personal if you don’t want it to be.

On the other hand, Facebook tends to get more personal especially if you post pictures of yourself and your family and friends. The posts are usually about your personal life. The prompt FB uses (share) implies that you are  willing to and enjoy sharing information with others.

So what do you do when you don’t really want to share that information with certain people? What do you do if someone sends you a friend request? Do you ignore it? How long will you ignore it?

Does ignoring it mean that you don’t like the person? What does the person think if you don’t accept it right away? Up until recently I was only sending friend requests to certain people who I felt comfortable sharing my personal life with. If I received a friend request it was usually someone who I pretty much kept in contact with IRL.

This recent request came from someone who I knew a long time ago but haven’t seen or spoken to in many years. I think they found me through a mutual friend on FB. Hmmm…does that mean this person wants to reconnect? Wants to be “friends” again?

So, what do you do when you get a friend request and you’re not sure if you should accept it? Tell me why you’re hesitant to accept it and why you did or didn’t accept it. I want to hear from you!


Facebook Tips August 3, 2009

If you’re interested in learning a few tips/tricks for Facebook, check out this link

It shares 20 Facebook Tips and Tricks, such as:

  • How to Create a Photo Collage Using Pictures of Your Facebook Friends.
  • How to Download Facebook Photo Albums
  • How to Remove Facebook Advertisements

Some of these are apps and others are some little known features about Facebook. As with anything else, be smart and safe when doing anything online.

By the way, I just heard about the “guilt-trip” Facebook gives people when they try to deactivate your account. Apparently, Facebook will show you 5 photos of your friends and often it is a picture with you in it. Then on each photo it tells you, “your friend’s name will miss you”. Trying to tug at your heartstrings? Would it work on you? Read more here.

Oh, if you’re interested in keeping your photos out of Facebook Ads (yes, they may be used without you knowing it), read this!


Took the Facebook Plunge! July 13, 2009

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I finally did it! I joined Facebook.

I was holding out for a long time because I didn’t want to add another thing to my already overloaded plate. Not to mention that all this social media stuff can get a little addicting.  I mean blogging takes up a lot of time in itself.

So why did I do it? Well, an old friend sent me an invitation. Simple as that. I figured I would just join to talk to him and possibly some other people who I haven’t kept in touch with in ages.

After joining, I added him as a friend. Then I did a search to find some other friends. Interestingly enough, I didn’t find as many people as I thought I would or maybe they are using different names, esp. women. I actually tried to look for a few friends from middle school but I couldn’t find them on Facebook. Facebook also has this feature where you can add an alternate name. I think it’s especially good for married women so that you can add your maiden name. That way old friends can find you.

As of today, I have 3 Facebook friends. One of them is my cousin. Isn’t that too funny! I promise I have more friends IRL.