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Time Flies! February 11, 2009

Can you believe it is already February 2009!

So, how can you tell that you’ve been gone in like “forever”? Well, when you finally return to your blog’s dashboard and you don’t even recognize it!  How scary is that?

So, life has caught up with me lately…consuming all of my time.  Recently, my Baby turned one! Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday I was blogging about being pregnant with her. I am loving every minute of her life. This age is so great (every age is great) because she is just walking and so interactive. Her smile is contagious and she just bring so much joy to our lives.  Her  birthday was a great celebration. Of course, I drove myself crazy with making her invitations, her favors, the centerpieces, etc. I recently sent out her thank you cards which I made on Adobe Photoshop Elements. I am still learning how to use Photoshop Elements so I take a long time to create something so simple. I guess my age is catching up to me.  Any Photoshop Elements advice out there? I sure could use some.

Princess is enjoying her time in preschool. At the end of last year, she took school portraits that came out so adorable. Okay, I realize that everyone thinks their child is adorable but I was truly impressed with her. Why? Well, when we try to take photos at home, she is truly not interested. She does not want to pose or smile for the camera. It may be 1 in 50 photos that I can get her to look into the camera with a semi-nice smile. Let’s face it. She can’t be bothered posing for me.

The relationship between Princess and Baby has evolved. Princess is still pretty nice to Baby but she has become more territorial. I realized that it’s because Baby is now more mobile and loves to touch Princess’s toys. Baby has tons of her own toys but wants everything that Princess has when Princess has it. She is her sister’s shadow and Princess does not want anything to do with it. Of course, I do see some affection from Princess occasionally but she would rather not be bothered with her little sister. Is this the start of sibling rivalry? I sure hope not. My wish is that they become the best of friends who will love and support each other into adulthood. No, I’m not trying to be idealistic!

So, how was your holiday season. I’m sure busy like the rest of us. Not too mention probably a bit worrisome with the down turn in the economy. This past Christmas I made a few desk calendars using a program called Picture Gear Studio. I think it’s a Sony program.  I used some digital photos of the girls and it came out pretty good. I think I’ll try it again for some other projects. Besides making these calendars, I also did my yearly holiday baking. This year I cut down the variety of cookies. I made only 1 type of cookie and I also made a savory pretzel snack. I also tried out a cinnamon-sugar chex mix. It was okay but not as yummy as “puppy chow”. I was actually trying to find an easy chex recipe that was sweet but didn’t have nuts or peanut butter.

Speaking of baking? Have you seen the new O Magazine. It has an article about a bakery called Baked. They feature a few recipes in the magazine that I can’t wait to try. I also just spotted the new Cookie book from Martha Stewart at Costco. Looks so tempting but I have tons of cookbooks so I have to think about it before purchasing it.

I just tried a recipe that I found online for some oat bars. They were pretty good but I didn’t have a 9×9 pan so I used an 8×8 so of course the bars were a little thick and soft in the middle.  (I’ll post a link to the recipe in the next post after I dig up the recipe again.)

So what have you been baking lately?


Sugar Rush October 5, 2008

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Note: Sorry for the blurry pictures. I don’t know what’s going on with my camera.

Recently, I’ve been craving sugar. Yes, that means baking in my house. So, I’ve indulged in cookies and brownies. Not good for my health but it hits the spot.

In an effort to curb some of my cravings without eating sugar, I made chocolate mousse using a product called San Sucre Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse. It was okay. The consistency was pretty creamy but you can tell it is made with something other than sugar. I’m actually surprised that there was a little after taste. I usually like things made with Splenda since I don’t really taste the after taste too much.

I also started drinking Crystal Light again just so I wouldn’t crave soda or juice. I actually don’t like too many flavors of Crystal Light. I usually drink Lemonade and Iced Tea mixed together…Lemonade Iced Tea. My mom just gave me a box of Pomegrante Crystal Light so I decided to try it mixed with Icea Tea to make Pomegrante Iced Tea. Yummy! It turned out great. Of course I dont’ use the whole packet. In fact, I only use maybe 1/4th  of the packet of each to make a  cup of Pomegranted Iced Tea.



Christmas Past January 3, 2008

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I know everyone says the same thing…Christmas flew by! Yes, it sure did. All of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush has finally come to a close. I even put away my little fake Christmas tree. I still have my garland up since I enjoy the Christmas lights. I’m sad to say that it will soon be put away too.

I wanted to share some pictures from my Christmas baking. I decided to bake a selection of sweet treats this year. I made  pretzel “turtle” candies, peppermint cookies ‘n cream brownies, chocolate chip cookies, M & M mint cookies, and banana bread. I ended up making multiple batches but on different days. Many of the goodies went to Mr. MaD’s co-workers. Some went to my doctor, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

 Christmas Cookies 2007   Cookie Bag 2007

This year for Christmas, Princess was less interested in her presents. She didn’t really even touch them when they were wrapped up and sitting on the table right in front of her. When it came to opening them…she was not in the least bit interested. Mr. MaD did most of the opening. We tried to snap some pictures with presents but she wouldn’t have it. Well, not until Mr. MaD opened up the Hello Kitty tricycle. You remember, the one I mentioned back in November. Yes, she loved it and couldn’t wait to get on it. She can’t really pedal yet but she puts her feet on the pedals while we push her around. Sometimes, she just pushes herself with her feet. She like to push the little Hello Kitty toy on the handlebars to make it squeak! So cute! Coming in at a close 2nd to the Hello Kitty tricycle is her new Radio Flyer horse. While Mr. MaD was putting it together she tried to get on it. When she finally got on it she did not want to get off. We had to tell her that “horsey” is going to sleep. We’ve decided to cover him with a sheet so that she knows he is sleeping. Every so often she says, “horsey” and looks under the sheet.


Enjoying the Season? December 12, 2007

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Today I decided to take Princess to one of our local malls for a Christmas train ride.  We met my cousin, her husband and her son who is a couple months older than Princess. This train ride cost approx. $7 for approx. 10 minutes of riding around the mall. It’s a little pricey but fun for the children and great for picture taking.

My cousin got there before us so I asked her to make sure they give refunds in case Princess decided she didn’t want to ride the train. When we got there, Princess didn’t seem bothered by the train when it pulled up to the train stop. I was happy that she seemed okay so far. Our time slot came so we headed to the train. We decided to go to the back car of the train since parents can only follow from behind, not on the sides. Princess’s cousin got right in the train and was buckled in. I lifted Princess up to put her in the car…then came the dreaded iron grip on my shirt and her legs locked around my belly. Soon the fussing followed. I attempted, along with everyone else there, to convince her that it would be okay since her cousin was there with her. But, she refused to get in the car. I was bummed! I was hoping for a cute picture of her in that decorated train, esp. in front of the Christmas tree. But, NO WAY! We got our refund (whew, I didn’t have to waste $7) and followed her cousin in the train.  Even sadder, after the train returned to the stop, I tried to carry Princess in front of it just to get a picture of us with the train in the background but she wouldn’t have it. She began to fuss and was on the verge of tears!

The interesting thing is that just a month ago she was so willing to ride the pony. Yet, she won’t get on this train…go figure? A couple months ago we took her to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party. While there, we tried to get her to ride the little car or trolley ride but she refused. So strange because when I took her there around 6 months ago…she wanted to ride the car and trolley. How children change in a few short months? At our last pediatrician’s visit, I remember mentioning Princess’s fears to our doctor, he said that often it’s because as they get older they are more aware of things around them.

So, now I have pictures of the train with her cousin in it. I have a picture of the 2 of us in front of the train but it shows her terrified face. Oh, well…it’ll just be added to our scrapbook as one of those experiences that she didn’t enjoy. I won’t give up though, I plan to try again next year!

Besides Princess not enjoying herself at the mall, I have to mention my observation about people.  I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered this situation but I am often disappointed when people don’t hold the door open at stores. They just go in and then let the door go…with me standing right behind it. I’m not sure if people are just in a rush to go somewhere or they just aren’t thinking about other people around them. This past weekend I was at a craft fair and I overheard a woman walking by me say, “I’m not a mother so I have no sympathy.” Whoa, that blew my mind! I couldn’t believe that another woman would be saying that.  I wonder if she just has no sympathy for mothers or is she unsympathetic to everyone else who is different from her? SAD! Okay, not meaning to sound so negative…for the most part people are pretty nice about holding the door open for us, esp. when they see me pregnant with a toddler in a stroller. It’s just those few times when I have to wonder about human nature. Gosh, I hold the door open for anyone else who is around me, whether they’re a parent with children or not. I would think it’s just common courtesy.

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season…we still have a few more weeks of hustle and bustle to go. I’m still enjoying it, even if today wasn’t the best day. Happy Holidays!

P.S. I’m starting my Christmas baking this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


Thanksgiving Blur November 27, 2007

Whew! This Thanskgiving flew by…it is just a blur now. This year we went to our in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner. I made 3 semi-homemade desserts. The first was pumpkin muffins (recipe from with store-bought cream cheese frosting. The second was apple crisp using canned apples (Comstock). The third was a chocolate bundt cake (cake mix) with homemade cocoa glaze.

Wondering why I would bake if I have gestational diabetes? Well, remember I do enjoy baking. Mr. MaD was my taste tester for the muffins and chocolate cake. Apple crisp is one of my go-to recipes so I didn’t need any taste testing for that.  My thanksgiving dinner was restricted. I limited my carbs (stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, etc.) and I had no desserts including fruit. Yes, I was disappointed. I watched my portions and I didn’t have 2nds.  Believe me…I’m already looking forward to next Thanksgiving and the food that I will be able to eat. On a positive note, I didn’t feel that fullness that often comes with holiday meals.

Thanksgiving night was the first time Princess went to bed so late, approximately 10pm. By the time we got home and bathed, she was fussy. She didn’t want to dry her hair, she didn’t want to change her diaper, she didn’t want to do anything. The next morning she woke up around 8am and she was fussy throughout the day.

We did not go out since I was so tired and I know she was also. Instead, we sent Mr. MaD out to do some shopping. He went out early to get our new microwave on sale at Sears. He went to Old Navy and got some pjs for Princess and he attempted to visit the Disney store which ended up being so crowded that he left. Later that day he went to Comp USA to look for a deal on external hard drives. On the news we saw that Comp USA had a sale on Thanksgiving night that we didn’t know about so we thought they’d still have some good deals the next day. As it turns out the salesperson said that the better quality hard drive was not on sale but would be going on sale in the near future. Mr. MaD also made the trek to Wal-mart to pick up another Christmas present for Princess, a kitchen. It’s the new Play ‘n Learn Little Tikes Kitchen. Well, they were out of the one we wanted so he ended up getting her a Fisher Price Dora kitchen. To be honest it’s not the one I really wanted esp. since sometimes Dora’s voice irritates me. (Sorry, Dora fans) I asked Mr. MaD to turn off the talking feature on the kitchen.

As it turns out, Mr. MaD decided to put the kitchen together for Princess as her early Christmas present partly because the box was dirty and he didn’t want to store it that way. Princess loves her new kitchen. She plays with it every day. It’s the thing that she looks at as soon as she gets up in the morning. Her favorite thing is to bring the plastic pretend foods to us and ask us to eat them. So we politely eat them and say “yummy”.

On Saturday, we went to a 1st birthday party for a little boy who comes to our church. I think this was the most fun that Princess had at a birthday party. There was coloring on the fabric backpack (given as a favor), bubbles, air brush tatoos, remote control race cars, a bounce house, games, and a pony ride. The theme for the party was the movie Cars. Bubbles turned out to be one of her favorite activities along with the pony ride. Yes, she did ride the pony. It totally surprised Mr. MaD and I since she is often afraid of unfamiliar things. She couldn’t wait to get on it and she wanted to pet it and she even hugged his face. It was the cutest thing ever! She had so much fun at the party that she barely took a nap probably reliving the fun events of the day kept her too busy to sleep. (Here’s a picture of Princess with a disguise on to hide her face.)

pony ride


Sharing another Cookie Recipe November 19, 2007

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I guess my first cookie recipe didn’t go over so well…I haven’t had any comments or any recipies from anyone. Oh well!

Here’s another recipe that I’d like to share. It’s from Sam Choy’s pastry chef. Sam Choy is a chef from Hawaii, just in case you didn’t know. These are delicious, esp. if you love chocolate and nuts.

Hawaiian Chocolate and Nut Bars


  • 3/4 cup butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup macadamia nuts, coarsly chopped

 Cream together butter and sugar. Add flour, then nuts. Press into parchment lined 9″ x 13″ pan. Bake at 350 degress for 15 minutes.


  • 8 oz. Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Kona Estate (or any good quality chocolate)
  • 1 cup macadamia nut halves
  • 1 cup walnut pieces
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 2 tsp. madagascar vanilla extract
  • powdered sugar

 Sprinkle chocolate and nuts over crust. Combine vanilla with condensed milk and spread over chocolate and nuts. Bake till golden brown for approximately 25 minutes. Cool completely and cut into small bars. Roll in powdered sugar.


Cookie Recipe Swap November 13, 2007

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I couldn’t decide on what  cookie recipe to share so I chose a fairly easy recipe to make. This recipe was shared by a former co-worker named Melissa.  It contains brandy but you could substitute kahlua (sp?) or leave out the alcohol and just use vanilla extract. I don’t really know the name of the cookie but it makes a nice holiday cookie.

  • 1/2 lb. butter
  • 1 tbsp. brandy
  • 3/4 cup sugar

Whip above ingredients until fluffy. Then add

  •  2 cups flour
  • 1 cup chopped pecans

Mix well unti blended. Chill for 1 hour.

Shape into balls completely covering a Hershey’s Kiss.

Bake on ungreased cookie sheet for 12 minutes at 375 degrees. 

Cool completely. Sprinkle or roll in powdered sugar.  Enjoy!