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Daily Gratitude May 20, 2008

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I’ve been working hard to remember how blessed I am. Yes, I do grumble. Unfortunately, probably more than I should. At church on Sunday, our pastor was speaking about not being envious because it really opens the door to the enemy. I don’t want to say that I’m envious but maybe I am. Sometimes I do think about how my life could be “easier like so and so’s life” or how I wish “baby would be a better sleeper like so and so.”  I guess that does sound envious.

I recently heard a story on the news about a family who lost their 3 year old son in a car accident. The drunk driver ran head on into their car and the little boy’s car seat flew out of the car. The parents were injured but alive and their 1 year old daughter only received a few minor scratches. Sadly, they went home  with one less child. I pray that God would give them peace and help them heal during this tragic time.

I really have a great life when I think about that family. I should have NOTHING to grumble about!

So, I am asking for God’s forgiveness today as I do everyday.

Instead, I will keep my thoughts on all the blessings I have in my life. Rather I shall meditate on this verse, Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

I believe God wants the best for our lives and he wants me to be faithful in all things. Trusting God in all our circumstances is the most difficult part of having a relationship with God but I am so blessed to have a merciful Father who is full of grace and love when it comes to my limitations.

So, today I proclaim that I am truly blessed with a terrific husband and 2 beautiful daughters. I am blessed that I am alive and able to take care of my children as a stay at home mom. I am blessed that I have a home to live in and  a car to drive. I am blessed for all the supportive loving people in my life. I really do have a lot to be thankful about.

I hope you take the time to remember how blessed you are today and everyday. God bless you!


Count Your Blessings November 17, 2007

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I am so blessed….let me count the ways!

  1. Jesus Christ – my Lord and Savior
  2. Mr. MaD – my devoted, supportive, understanding husband (perfect for me)
  3. Princess – my miracle daughter who God knew before she was born
  4. baby – my 2nd miracle
  5. the Bible – for inspiration and guidance
  6. my church – so I can be “fed” the word of God and for fellowship
  7. my home – a place to lay my head at night and to be with my family
  8. my friends and family – always supportive
  9. my job – even if it is part-part-time
  10. toddler activities – for our learning & enjoyment and interaction with others
  11. my neighbors – always friendly
  12. each new day – so I can always do better as a person, parent, wife, and friend
  13. electronic gadgets (esp. phone & computer) – to keep in touch with the outside world
  14. my car – so I can have reliable transportation
  15. books – so we can read for enjoyment and learning
  16. music – for enjoyment, relaxation, and some fun occasional dancing
  17. scrapbooking – my refuge, my creative outlet and so I can save our memories
  18. my digital camera – so I can capture moments in time to cherish forever
  19. Whole Foods (coming soon) – so we can get our hands on more organic stuff
  20. air conditioning – so we can stay cool in the hot summer months
  21. baking – because I enjoy sharing and eating what I make
  22. “Real” people – genuine people with honesty, integrity, and morals
  23. traveling – so I can see and experience the world (I’m looking forward to more of this when the children get a little older)
  24. Disneyland & Disneyworld – because I’m a kid at heart and can’t wait to share it with my children
  25. Broadway – because I enjoy seeing plays, both dramas and musicals

Okay, these are some things that I am thankful for. I actually could go on and on with more things just as I’m sure you could. Take some time to count your blessings – it may surprise you!