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One of my Pet Peeves December 5, 2007

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I know that we all have our pet peeves, geez, we’re only human. Sometimes those pet peeves are really little things like leaving the cap off the toothpaste (okay, maybe not little to some people). For me, one of my biggest pet peeves is uninvited visitors.

Uninvited visitors…what do I mean? Well, it’s those people (whether family or friend) who like to drop by on your door step without an invitation or without calling first. Okay, maybe to some people this doesn’t seem like a big deal. To me…it is so irritating! Maybe, hospitality isn’t one of my strengths.

 I realize that sometimes people have good intentions. For example, they’d like to drop off a gift. I do appreciate the gift but I would appreciate a phone call first even more! Do people think that I’m sitting around the house looking all spiffy and my house is spotless just so I can welcome uninvited guests any time of the day? It’s not even that my house may be messy or I may look disheveled (sp?). The biggest thing to me is that I like my privacy.  Meaning, when I’m at home, I may be doing something like blogging, crafting, napping, talking on the phone, etc. and I don’t want to be disturbed at that time. I have a few precious hours for myself and that’s how I’d like to spend them. By myself…or maybe just with my husband and child. What if I’m just in a crappy (for lack of a better word) mood that day and I don’t want to see or talk to anyone else?

Okay, I can understand if it’s an emergency and you have to drop by because I’m the closet person you know at that time. I can surely understand that…I’m not that cold-hearted. But other than that…try not to come over uninvited or without calling first. I think it’s just common courtesy to call someone before stopping by. And if you do call and they say they’re stepping out right now, don’t tell them that you’ll be there quickly and stay for only a little while. If they’re stepping out…they’re stepping out!

 Wondering why I’m bringing it up now? Well, because this just happened to me yesterday and once last week. So of course, I’m a little steamy about it all. And yes, it happened in the past also. Blogging just seemed like the perfect opportunity to let off some steam, esp. after telling Mr. MaD about it. I’m not sure if it bothers him as much as me but that doesn’t matter to me at this moment.

P.S. Did I mention earlier that the nurse told me that stress can make your gestational diabetes worse? Okay, but she said not to use that as an excuse!