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Praising Princess June 8, 2008

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Hooray! Lots of hugs and praise for Princess! We finally got her into the toddler bed! It wasn’t easy but we did it and I am so proud of her. She was really comfortable and secure in her crib so I was hesitant to move her, esp. with a bunch of other things going on in her life. But, Baby was moving around so much already I felt that it would be best to get her out of the cosleeper and into the crib. Finally, I told Mr. MaD that we just need to take the crib down on a Friday so that she can have a couple of days to transition. I needed the weekend just in case we would have to put the crib back in her room.

Bedtime came and we entered the room and Princess was fine…until it was time to go to bed! She was very upset and kept saying “bed, bed…sleep, sleep…” and wanted out of the room. For one thing, we put the toddler bed in a different location than where her crib was. After about 15 mins. of intense crying, I told Mr. MaD that we needed to move the toddler bed into the same place as where the crib was.  Well, Princess was still crying but we were able to get her into the bed. We stayed with her a little while then Mr. MaD left the room first. I stayed a little longer and sang to her and patted her back. Yes, she was still crying. After about 10 minutes, I told her, “I love you. Remember to stay in the bed. If you need mommy, call me. Goodnight.” Then I left the room. We could hear her crying on the monitor for  a while longer. It was tough and I felt sorry for her.

The next morning I got her out of bed as soon as she woke up. Mr. MaD and I went in to get her so that we could be sure to give her lots of hugs and praise.  Since that day, we continue to hug and praise her for being a “big girl” and staying in the bed.

Whew! One more step towards growing up…for Princess and for me.